Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers:

Q. I get a error message that the installer can’t find Vegas Pro. What can I do?

Usually you just need to download the latest installer from our Downloads page. As new versions of Vegas Pro and Movie Studio are released, we do not need to update our plug-ins but we do need to update the installer to find the new version. What we do is update the installer but maintain the same version number of the plug-in since it hasn’t changed. It’s always good to re-download the latest installer from our Downloads page even if it has the same version number as the one you already have. While the plug-in will be identical, the installer will be updated to recognise new versions of Vegas Pro and Movie Studio.

Q. How do I retrieve my lost license key?

If the plug-in was previously purchased from VASST, go to the Support page and send an email to Technical Support and we will attempt to lookup your license key in our off-line database. We will need the email that you made the purchase with.

If the plug-in was purchased from Sony Creative Software, please see your Account page on their web site.

Q. Can I use your plug-ins on a computer as a non-Administrator?

Vegas Pro is reliant on Direct X and because of the way Microsoft saves DirectX presets at the user level, our plug-ins must be installed by the account that will actually use them so that the presets are associated with the proper user account. If you use the regular method where Microsoft Windows asks you to run as an Administrator, this will not work because they will only show up for the administrator.

If you want to use our plug-ins with a non-administrator account, you need to temporarily make the normal user an administrator, then install our software, then run the software once to license it, then make them a regular user again. Uninstalling and re-install our plug-ins using this procedure and you should be fine.

Q. My trial expired immediately, what can I do?

When the trial expires immediately, it is usually caused by some software running on your computer that it limiting access to the Windows Registry. Please disable any anti-malware, anti-virus, anti-anything that limits access to the Windows registry.

You also need to make sure that the user account that will use the software is the same user account that installed it. Many of our plug-ins ship with Direct X presets for Vegas Pro FX. Because Direct X stores it’s presets under the User hive in the Windows Registry, they must be installed by the user account that will be using them. If the user account is not an administrator, temporarily make them an administrator to install and license the software by running it at least once. Then you can make them a regular user again.

Q. What versions of Movie Studio do that FasstApps support?

Currently the VASST FasstApps are supported on any edition of Sony Movie Studio 13, and the Platinum Edition of Movie Studio 12 or greater. They are also supported on the MAGIX versions of VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum.

Q. Why can’t I use ScatterShot 3D and Mayhem with Movie Studio?

ScatterShot 3D and Mayhem take advantage of features of Vegas Pro that are not available in Movie Studio therefore they will not work with any Movie Studio version.

Q. I previously had an account at VASST.com, what happened to it?

VASST has transitioned from a training business that sold software to a software only business now know as VASST Software. To reflect this change the vasst.com URL has been changed to vasstsoftware.com. The original vasst.com domain is now being redirected to vasstsoftware.com but the accounts from the original business are no longer available on the new web site. This vasstsoftware.com web site is now a catalog for our software products only. All shopping cart transactions are managed by Digital River Sales who provide a safe and secure environment for international eCommerce. Any account that you now create will be with the Digital River Sales web site.

Any sales information for plug-ins made from the old VASST web site can still be looked up off-line if you loose a license key by sending a email to support. Any updates to software can be found on our Downloads page. Feel free to contact us via our Support page of you need assistance or have any questions. We appreciate your past and continued business and look forward to serving you in the future.

Q. I received a “Root element is missing” error with Caption Assistant. How do I fix it?

Caption Assistant has a settings file that might become corrupt if you have to force quit Vegas Pro while Caption Assistant is active.

To fix it, you should close Vegas Pro and delete the following file:

%AppData%\VASST\Caption Assistant\1.0\Caption Assistant.settings

You can open a Windows Explorer window and enter this into the path bar and delete the file manually from the file list:

%AppData%\VASST\Caption Assistant\1.0\

Or you can open a Windows Command Prompt and use this command to delete the file.

del "%AppData%\VASST\Caption Assistant\1.0\Caption Assistant.settings"

Either of those methods should work. Then start Vegas Pro again and Caption Assistant should start normally.