Everyone makes editing mistakes. Big editing houses have people to check those edits. The VASST AuditAssistant tool will analyze your project to assure that no gaps, transparencies, or media aspect issues exist in the timeline. Check Audit Events, Check Opacity, Audit Gaps, Audit Media Aspect, and more.

Compatible with the English version of Vegas Pro: 9.0a thru 18.0 or Movie Studio Platinum 12 thru 17


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Audit Assistant gives you the security of a detailed time-consuming review in just seconds

Audit Assistant contains a collection of tools that will allow you to quickly manipulate the properties of multiple events at the same time. It can override attributes or leave them unchanged. This can greatly increase your productivity when having to change a lot of events because Vegas Pro or Movie Studio only allows you to change properties on one event at a time.

Product Overview


AuditAssistant – is a must have tool to make sure you don’t have silly little mistakes going out the door.