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VASST Caption Assistant is a plug-in for Vegas Pro 10 and above that allows you to create closed captions in Vegas Pro with ease. It can accept plain text files that contain the lines of captions or an entire transcript with paragraphs of text and it will separate the sentences out into captions allowing you to easily create the appropriate Command Markers in Vegas Pro that use one of the captioning types.

Caption Assistant gives you control over the type of caption and the layout of the caption. It supports the traditional left, center, and right justification, in addition to “left center” in which the longest caption line is centered and then the shorter lines are left aligned with it.

For the price of having a 3rd party caption a single 30 minute show, you can caption an entire series saving time and money.

Compatible with the English version of Vegas Pro 10.0 through Vegas Pro 18.0.


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Closed Captioning has never been easier when you use Vegas Pro and VASST Caption Assistant!

Adding a caption is as simple as pressing a button when you hear the dialog being spoken. That’s all there is to it! There is a fully adjustable frame offset that will compensate for the delay between the time you hear the caption and the time you press the button so that captions can be placed any number of frames prior to the actual button press giving you a perfect alignment every time. There are also tools to adjust the words on a caption line allowing you to move them down to the next caption or up from the next caption. Using this simple workflow, entire shows can be captioned in real-time.

Caption Assistant 1.0 Features:

  • Convert an entire text transcript in paragraph form into multi-line captions in seconds
  • Process text files with single line captions
  • Specify or change 608 caption types (608CC1, 608CC2, 608CC, 608CC4)
  • Specify caption word alignment as Left, Center, Right, or a special Left Center justification
  • Specify if caption should be displayed at the top or bottom of the screen
  • Simple text editor for adding captions on-the-fly
  • Load and save captioning session with all in and out points and formatting preserved
  • Load and save caption markers so that you can move them to another project or remove them for ease of editing and add them back at any time
  • Export captions for national language translation and load them back in with positioning and formatting preserved
  • Easily nudge words between captions to change their length
  • Frame offset compensation for adding captions during playback that take into account the time needed to respond to the dialog
  • Jump from any caption in the list to it’s associated marker on the timeline
  • Jump from any caption marker on the timeline to it’s associated caption in the list

Customer Testimony

Caption Assistant has been used in the field to caption all 13 episodes for the last 6 seasons of the PBS series, “Painting & Travel with Roger and Sarah Bansemer”. Here is what Roger had to say about Caption Assistant:

Roger Bansemer: We take full advantage of the new closed captioning feature. Through the use of a fabulous plug-in that John Rofrano wrote for VASST called “Caption Assistant”, we can easily caption our entire show in real time. The plug-in allows us to put our transcript into what basically looks like a word processor. I break up the sentences in appropriate blocks or at the ends of sentences and then begin watching the Vegas preview window. I listen to myself or Sarah say the sentence, at the same time watching the manuscript to be sure the text matches the actual spoken words. At the end of the sentence, I hit the space bar and “Bang!”, it inserts my caption on the timeline at the beginning of the sentence, right where it’s supposed to be, making the job seem more like a fun video game than work. It’s really incredible to be able to take our raw footage and bring it to total completion including captioning.

You can read the full interview in Sony’s April 2011 Newsletter.

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