Event Tools

Apply easy automation of Adjustments, Selections, Transitions, and Fades.

Imagine doing a rough cut without having to ripple; experiencing absolute freedom until the end of the logging and editing process. Or being able to create hundreds of transitions matched for time or event length, and even adjusting all transition lengths with one click! The VASST EventTool empowers editors with these features and many more!

Compatible with the English version of Vegas Pro: 9.0a thru 20 or Movie Studio Platinum 12 thru 17



Event Tools saves you hundreds of clicks, all with one easy green apply button.

Adjustments allow you to adjust many events easily. All of the options work on selected events or within a timeline selection. That mans that you can make a timeline selection and only the event within that selection will be affected.

Transitions allow you to quickly modify many transitions all at once. When working with any of these options, you can also make a timeline selection and it will only affect the events within the selection so that you can use it in the middle of the timeline.

The Event Selections tool group is a quick and easy way to select events in different quadrants of your timeline.

Fade In/Out will fade the ends of all the selected events by the amount specified using the curve that is selected. It can also include Transition FX’s to that you can quickly transition an event on or off the screen.

Product Overview

EventTool – will save you from several laborious tasks with a few simple clicks.