Marker Maker

Easily create markers and regions of every kind.

Use MarkerMaker to help locate the beat per minute of your music video and slideshow project! This app also includes tools for creating, removing, saving, and loading markers, as well as automatically embedding your timeline markers in your events and even auto-naming them for chapter creation across your entire project.

Compatible with the English version of Vegas Pro: 9.0a thru 18.0 or Movie Studio Platinum 12 thru 17


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MarkerMaker automates marker workflows making them quick and easy

Create Markers lets you easily create markers by placing them at events, placing them at regions or placing them at regular intervals, evenly spaced, with a variety of naming options. These functions are often used to make chapter points for DVDs. You can make a chapter every time the scene changes (at events), at specified times indicated by regions (at regions), or at timed intervals.

The Remove Markers function has been expanded to include all the marker types. You can now remove any time of marker immediately when you click Process It is useful if you are reloading markers from a file and you forget to delete the old markers first. Without leaving MarkerMaker you can remove all the markers and continue with you other marker functions.

Load / Save Markers will allow you to keep your markers in a file and reload them from a file. You can create the file with the save option or create it manually or in another application.

Product Overview

MarkerMaker – accelerates your workflows and even empowers other FASST APPS to be even better