Media Tool


Set up media bins, find unused media, load from file system, remove SFK files, and more.

The VASST MediaTool empowers users with tools found only in high-end editing applications. It also helps to keep users’ editing systems running mean and clean. Create media bins, organize footage, clean unused files, and batch-import media with this application.


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MediaTool makes media management and project prep a breeze in Vegas Pro.

Find Unused Media is an interactive function. Nothing will happen when you click the OK key. It is a more powerful media pool sweeper than Vegas Pro or Movie Studio has because it lets you see what will be swept first, giving you the option of removing some of the assets so they don’t get swept.

Setup MediaBins will allow you to create MediaBin presets that you can use to start your projects with the bins already created. What’s more, you can also match the bin hierarchy to your filesystem so that you can start your project with a matching file system hierarchy as well.

Load MediaBins from Filesystem is an incredible timesaver when starting new projects. If you have all of your media captured and arranged on your filesystem in one place, Load MediaBins from Filesystem will do two things:

1) It will import the filesystem structure as a corresponding MediaBin structure in the media Pool.
2) It will load all of the media found in the filesystem folders into the Media pool automatically.

This could save you hours of making MediaBins by hand and dragging and dropping files into the proper bins.

Remove SFK Files will quickly clean up your file system of system files that can be regenerated. It can also selective just clean up orphaned files for which the original media has already been deleted. This is a must have tool for archiving with minimal amount of disk space.

MediaTool – will accelerate and simpliy your media management and project prep.

System Requirements:

Compatible with the English version of Vegas Pro: 9.0a thru 18.0 or Movie Studio Platinum 12 thru 17