Recreate Hollywood’s most popular effect and create jump frames in just one click.

Stutterframe grabs frames within a selected area and re-sequences them for a “jump forward-look back” effect that is very popular in television and film today. Manually creating this look is a painstaking process that involves working with one frame at a time. With StutterFrame, it’s a one-click effect that enables users to be creative and efficient at the same time.

The StutterFrame FASST App gives you:

  1. One-click creativity
  2. Fast action movement for videos, graphics, or photos
  3. User definable settings
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StutterFrame will randomize and energize even the most mundane videos.

StutterFrame – is a great one click creativity tool that can energize almost anything.

System Requirements:

Compatible with the English version of Vegas Pro: 9.0a thru 18.0 or Movie Studio Platinum 12 thru 17