Recreate Hollywood’s most popular effect and create jump frames in just one click.

Stutterframe grabs frames within a selected area and re-sequences them for a “jump forward-look back” effect that is very popular in television and film today. Manually creating this look is a painstaking process that involves working with one frame at a time. With StutterFrame, it’s a one-click effect that enables users to be creative and efficient at the same time.

The StutterFrame FASST App gives you:

• One-click creativity
• Fast action movement for videos, graphics, or photos
• User definable settings

Compatible with the English version of Vegas Pro: 9.0a thru 18.0 or Movie Studio Platinum 12 thru 17


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StutterFrame will randomize and energize even the most mundane videos

Add some creativity to your videos with StutterFrame to add fast action movement for videos, graphics, or photos, with user definable settings. See what you can create tody!

Product Overview

StutterFrame – is a great one click creativity tool that can energize almost anything