TimeWarp shifts time in one click!

TimeWarp eliminates time-consuming right-clicks, mistakes in resample settings, mixed speeds, and other often-made errors when creating slow or fast motion sequences. Precise input is available via numerical or slider controls, which allows for a hassle-free/worry-free method to create time-shifted effects. Choose a clip or event, select the preferred settings in TimeWarp, and you’re done.

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TimeWarp makes the power of time manipulation easy and simple for everyone.

TimeWarp uses Vegas Pro’s timestretch for slow motion up to 4x and then uses our “warp” to go from 4x to up to 10,000x.

TimeWarp – is a great way to quickly and easily time stretch/compress footage and make sure everything is right.

System Requirements:

Compatible with the English version of Movie Studio 13, Movie Studio Platinum 12 & 13,
and Vegas Pro 9.0 through Vegas Pro 14.0