TitleStrip Vol. 2


TitleStrip Vol. 2 is a powerful yet easy FASST APP that includes a broad collection of Lower Thirds for Vegas Pro and Movie Studio.

TitleStrips are the fastest and easiest way to apply graphics and text to your Vegas Pro and Movie Studio Platinum projects. Easily add Lower Thirds, Graphical Overlays, or Full Screen Overlays to any video project. You can also add and position text anywhere in the frame. Each TitleStrip includes a collection of graphics you can start using right away! Collect all TitleStrip volumes for a FASST-access library of high-end lower thirds and graphics. TitleStrip Variety Pack 2 includes over a dozen lower thirds with a variety of designs and colors. Many of these graphics include motion. Check out the content preview images to see each TitleStrip in action.

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Title Strips Vol. 2 gives you the tools and the assets to make great 3rds and overlays FASST!

TitleStrips Vol. 2 – is a great assortment of versatile 3rds to help your videos stand out from the crowd.

Please review the individual TitleStrip product pages for a listing of images included on each volume.

System Requirements:

Compatible with the English version of Vegas Pro: 11.0 – 18.0 or Movie Studio Platinum 12 – 17